Shadow Creation

All the experts in Clipping Path Design (CPD) are qualified with Fine art artists and designee. Like clipping path and others image manipulation services, our experts are experienced in  various types of manual shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow, drop shadow as per your images requirements.

Natural Shadow

Mirror Shadow 1

Shoe Shadow

Drop Shadow

Socks Shadow

Natural Shadow 2

Drop Shadow: Photoshop Layer Effects includes Drop Shadow. As the name implies, this type of shadow is created when a light source is almost directly above a floating object—the silhouette of the object making the shadow is dropped onto the surface that receives the shadow. Drop shadows are cool for Web graphics and the text on most issues of PC Magazine. In the realm of photorealism, however, objects almost never float above a surface, and lighting is almost never so perfectly directed at an object that the object’s silhouette is the shape of the shadow.