Image Manipulation Services

Virtually every image we see about us in the world today has at some point been edited or manipulated by a designer to either clean the image up or create an entirely new piece from existing photographs. Digital image manipulation or image editing has been used by the media industries since photography began.

Image Manipulation

Clipping Path Design (CPD) have all, at point time in our lives, taken a photograph and discovered once its been printed that either the lighting wasn't right, our thumb was captured along with our image or wished that we could remove a few wrinkles, or facial blemishes.

This issue is not just a problem for us amateurs, many professional photographers also shoot images with subjects, lighting or surroundings that detract from the quality of their photographs. At Clipping Path Design (CPD) we take these photography discrepancies and correct them for you before they reach the end consumers.

Image Manipulation

Clipping Path Design (CPD) has years of experience providing solution to various image manipulation services. We have the extreme skill to manipulate an object from a photograph smoothly and take it to different orders according to your formal instruction with great skills.

Neck Joint is an awesome art where output image improves the original. One can use this to extract the worse composing elements, add more interest, and add color to a black and white image. Photograph manipulation can be used to create promotional shots for businesses.

Neck Joint